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I have a day job which, for your purposes, is not important, even though the title of this blog may give it away. No, I am neither a photographer nor a cameraman. What is important is that I am obsessed with film, and have been for a very long time. I eventually decided to try this blog in lieu of bugging my friends about movie stuff at any given opportunity. It's a selfish venture really, giving me a chance to put all the crap I read and think about somewhere neat. I literally spend almost all of my free time obsessing about film in some form or another, and I watch in the region of 250-300 movies a year. 

It would probably be appropriate to say what I like, right? Okay, here is a random sampling: Quentin Tarantino, Genre Movies, Movie Posters, Michael Fassbender, Paul Thomas Anderson, Dialogue, Darren Aronofsky, Exploitation, Cinematography, Rooney Mara, Nicolas Winding Refn, Violence, Music in Film, Black Swan, Multiple Plotlines, Voice Over, Daniel Day Lewis, Mia Wasikowska, Opening Credits, Closing Lines, Terrence Malick, Emotional Impact, Kang Ho Song, Practical FX, Running, South Korean Movies, getting upset and the Steadicam.

Two things I love almost as much as movies themselves, are movie posters and movie trailers. You will therefore see a lot of that on this blog. Posters are much more than just a marketing tool, and I see them almost as today's under appreciated pop art. And as for trailers, I've loved e'm since I was a little boy. I suppose posters and trailers contribute to the anticipation of a film before its release date. Building up a movie, sometimes to impossible heights, is something I do very often. The best part about it? If a movie is good, it will always exceed your wildest expectations for it.

So, having been blogging for a few months now, the content of this blog has begun to sort itself out. Here is what you can expect to see....

Awards Speculation. Yes, you see it everywhere, but it's a fun exercise, everyone has an opinion, and even the experts get it wrong. All the time. Click here.

The Constellation of Cinematic Anticipation. Hmmm, a map, of movies, in the sky, releasing over the next few years, that I am really looking forward to, and that I will give extra attention to on this blog. Click here, and see the constellation itself below.

Features and Articles about movie things I think about often. There are so many ideas, and so little time.

Trailers and Posters, with my thoughts, of course.

Reviews, which I am kinda new at, so bear with me please. Below is a rough guide as to how I rate films.

10 A++ Is this rating attainable? Yes, but in the rarest situations only. For me, these dizzying heights have been reached by Black Swan, Inglourious Basterds, Kill Bill and Pan's Labyrinth. That's it.
9.5 A+ Incredible, a near perfect film that had a massive impact. This rating will inevitably mean that a film makes the top 10 for a particular year.
8.5 A A brilliant movie that cannot really be faulted, but that did not have quite enough to elevate it to that top level. This level and higher is what I consider to be special, and is reserved for films I loved.
7.5 B Very good, and highly enjoyable. However, it could either have fallen short on some level, or not really be my type of movie (despite it being very good). 
6.5 C A good movie that I would recommend you watch, but nothing spectacular. If a movie scores above a 6, it means I enjoyed watching it. This is the line between a positive and a negative score. 
5.5 D Not particularly good at all, but not terrible either. The difference between this and the level above is that if a movie scores in the 5's, it means I did not enjoy sitting through it, for whatever reason.
4.5 E We are starting to enter bad movie territory here, albeit with some redeeming features. I don't give these scores to movies very often, because I try to avoid them. I sometimes get caught out though.
3.5 F Really bad. Do not watch. 
2.5 G If the above score says what it does, you can imagine what this one means. Spiderman 3.
1.5 H I have only ever once given a movie this score: Baise Moi. It had no redeeming qualities, and I really think I could have done a much better job. 

And that's all I have to say about that. Oh, I also like to draw stuff. So most things on the blog are either drawn or designed by me. The header changes from time to time, and the current one contains drawings of various characters from my most anticipated films of 2012. If my drawings are so bad you can't figure out who each character is, here they are (clockwise from top-left): Spiderman (The Amazing Spiderman); Bane (The Dark Knight Rises); Gollum & Gandalf (The Hobbit); Captain America, Hulk & Thor (The Avengers); an astronaut in Prometheus; the religious leader in the new Paul Thomas Anderson film (popularly known as The Master); Iron Man (The Avengers); Mickey Cohen & John O'Mara (Gangster Squad); somebody (maybe King Schultz) in Tarantino's Django Unchained; Lincoln (Lincoln) and Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games).

Enjoy it!


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