Friday, 11 January 2013

There Are Gonna Be Some Changes Around Here...

This doesn't really require explaining, but here goes anyway. I used to update InCamera often. Daily even. Lately this has not been the case. There are many reasons for it, the main one being that I no longer have that job I needed to escape from during the day. My point? InCamera ain't gonna recover any time soon. I have therefore decided to change things up, instead of letting this blog be neglected, wither, and die. Many of the old sections will be removed all together. No more SA release dates. No more Constellation of Cinematic Anticipation. No more shit that takes forever to update and requires continued attention. I will post stuff once in a while, keeping it basic, and focusing on the most important goal: keeping you abreast of some of the reasons I so love movies. 

The end.

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