Friday, 27 July 2012

The 'Cloud Atlas' Trailer: Prepare to be Wowed!

I have gone to YouTube about 100 times to check for an HD embed of this trailer. No luck. Why not? What the hell is wrong with Apple that they absolutely insist you go to their website to watch the trailer on shitty Quicktime player? I cannot remember when last a proper version of a trailer has not appeared on YouTube. Anyway, enough bitching. Below is the best alternative embed I could find... from Ropeofsilicon (Brad Brevet has beaten the system - well done to you sir).

This trailer is the best of the year so far. It is long, and does extremely well in illustrating the absolutely maniacal breadth of this story, and in stirring up all kinds of emotion in an inexplicable manner (seems I'm not the only one - twitter is abuzz too). Maybe it's the music. Maybe its the fact that there is so much "movie" in this trailer, that it results in system overload. Anyway, enjoy it. I cannot wait for this film, which once again proves that 2012 is going to be a truly great year for movies...

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