Thursday, 21 June 2012

Who Should Have Been the JUDGE in DREDD?

The trailer for the remake of Sylvester Stallone's forgettable 90's kitsch Judge Dredd - simply titled Dredd - has landed. And I care why? Well, for one, it was filmed right here in South Africa. The Blue Ribbon crate at the bottom right of the above set photo should provide sufficient evidence of that fact. Another reason is that, despite them often being terrible no matter how you look at it, I quite love stories that involve the dystopian future, post apocalyptic life and the like. Books like The Passage, Hunger Games (x3), Cloud Atlas and 1984 (to name just four) and movies like Mad Max, Hunger Games, Brazil, A Clockwork Orange, Escape from blah blah blah, The Book of Eli, The Island, Delicatessen Children of Men, and hopefully Cloud Atlas again later this year have always been close to my heart. I even liked crap like The Postman and Red Dawn. So yeah, I am keen for some Dredd. After the jump, check out the trailer and something else that may change the way we think about fashion (and casting) forever...

So who is playing the titular Judge who never removes his helmet? Well, it's none other than Karl Urban, or Eomer from the LOTR Trilogy. He is joined by another fantasy character, Cersei Lannister (aka Lena Headey) whose character - Madeline 'Ma Ma' Madrigal - appears to have received the same treatment as her imp brother. Anyway, I was discussing this Urban casting choice with a friend, who was most displeased, calling Urban a B-grade actor and a terrible choice for Dredd. Apart from me neither agreeing nor disagreeing (I am not a comic book geek like he is), it did get me thinking of a little game. Such game could be called...

You Be Judge: Who Be Dredd?

Simple. Who be Dredd in the pics below? Any ideas? What about nicknames for these Judges? Could we start a meme? Feel free to comment. Excuse my poor and rushed photo-shopping, but I have a job for fuck sakes. 

Okay okay, enough silliness. Here is the trailer. Do you like? I kinda do... apart from the fact that it looks exactly like The Raid. In fairness though, this movie has been on the go for ages!

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