Friday, 22 June 2012

I've Been Having Fun With Dredd... Here's More Cool Stuff

Yesterday I posted the new Dredd trailer and explained how we got talking and then how You Be Judge: Who Be Dredd? came about. Well I saw a higher res version of the trailer and I'm kinda hooked. After the jump, see a Tree of Life style Dredd poster I made from shots in the trailer, see the real poster, see at least one major similarity between The Raid and Dredd trailers, see a lot of additional Who Be Dredds and more good, wholesome things...
My Dredd Poster

Click on this poster for a much bigger version...

One Shot: Dredd vs The Raid

Just to be clear - The Raid began filming in March 2011, and Dredd began in November 2010. So there by no copying here!

You Be Judge: Who Be Dredd?

Too much fun!

Looky here...

I recognized something in the trailer from the following music video from Jesse Jordan Band (a local Band) in which a friend of mine acted:

It's basically the area outside the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town. Turns out some pretty crucial scenes were filmed there. See the comparison below of a trailer screenshot and a Google Earth capture of that very place. Pretty cool huh?

The End.

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