Sunday, 13 May 2012

Must See: The Works of Lee Hardcastle

Let me begin at the beginning. There's this cinema in Texas (there are a few), called the Alamo Drafthouse. In a nutshell, it is just about the coolest cinema in the world, ever. I am about ready to get on a plane to the USA just to visit that theatre. Anyway, the Alamo Drafthouse is rather successful, and has now branched out to film distribution in the form of Drafthouse Films. Their first movie was the awesome Four Lions, and one of their current projects is The ABCs of Death (26 directors, 26 ways to die). It's a movie, split into 26 parts, each of which deals with a way to die, and each of which is directed by someone else. To keep things interesting, they left open one spot for an unknown director and had a little competition. The winner was Lee Hardcastle with his spectacularly gory claymation effort called T is for Toilet. He has now also remade two movies in claymation: The Raid, and The Thing. What makes these so special? Well, The Raid is made with cats, and The Thing with penguins. Hit the jump and feast your eyes on the impossibly awesome!

Oh, word of advice: if you haven't heard of The Raid or The Thing, your enjoyment of the videos below is sure to be diminished. So do yourself a favour and at least watch the trailers for these movies beforehand...



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