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The Constellation of Cinematic Anticipation - Reloaded!

Because it's so much fun getting psyched up for an upcoming movie, and because no matter how outrageously high the level of hype can get, a good enough movie can always exceed expectations, I decided to do this regular thing called the Constellation of Cinematic Anticipation. If you don't know about it, click on the link or just look at the left column on the In Camera homepage. It all started on 30 September 2011, and since then matters in the movieverse have changed quite a bit (one of the films has even come and gone). So it is with great pleasure that I provide this little update. Hit the jump.

New Kids on the Block...

Since the first film in the constellation, The Hunger Games, has flown by (taking with it over $600 million), it's probably time to add two more to the list. They are shown in orange and are going to be INSANE. Both of them...

Snowpiercer is directed by the Korean Joon-Ho Bong (Memories of Murder, The Host, Mother), is based on a French graphic novel (Le Transperceneige) about a train full of travelers struggling to co-exist in a world covered in ice and snow, and boasts a cast including Song Kang-ho, Ewan Bremner, John Hurt, Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell and more. Principal photography began a week ago in the Czech Republic. Perfect timing for the constellation.

Noah is Darren Aronofsky's big budget adaption of the famous Biblical story. It is also based on a graphic novel scripted by Aronofsky and stars Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Saoirse Ronan. Filming commences this July in New York and Iceland.

A picture taken and tweeted by Darren Aronofsky the other day while location scouting in Iceland.

Much more will be posted on these two films in future. Oh, let's not forget about quite a few movies that rank extremely highly on my list, being Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master (which I have a feeling is going to be a masterpiece), Argo, Rust & Bone, and Stoker. These films can't really be included now - as they are all in late stages of post production. I will keep abreast though!

Brief Updates on the Rest...

(Click on the links to see all the In Camera updates on these movies)

Prometheus is around the corner (just over 3 weeks away), so there really isn't much more to show. We have been hit by a barrage of trailers and viral marketing, and now the equally ridiculous tidal wave of clips from the film is starting. This mass propaganda-like tactic seems to have done the trick for The Avengers, and now everyone is doing it. I am not looking at the clips for Prometheus - the trailers showed me more than enough. How is it looking? Awesome, especially since it was announced the other day that Prometheus will be rated R.

TDKR arrives just over a month after Prometheus, and the marketing machine will probably ramp up quite a bit over the next weeks. We did get to see an awesome new trailer the other day though. Will it beat Avengers? Many bet on it, but with that team of superheroes crossing the billion dollar mark recently (after only two weeks), things are not looking likely.

Gangster Squad - the first trailer landed the other day to give us a taste. So far, so damn good in my humble opinion. Other recent news is that the release date has been brought forward to 7 September. 

Cloud Atlas has been quiet for a while, hasn't it? I saw on Twitter the other day that there have been test screenings in the USA in the last few days. That means one thing - we aren't going to wait that long to see it, and the three directors have actually managed to wrap things up quite quickly! The response seems to be positive, even though it's hard to tell at this early stage. I can't wait!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - ah, what to say about this behemoth from Middle Earth? You know there is a trailer, and that they are still filming. The latest news though comes from CinemaCon, where some footage was screened. People loved the content, but they did not love the fact that it was screened at 48fps instead of the usual 24fps. Why? Well, 48fps apparently provides crystal-clear resolution, a feeling of realism and elimination of  all motion blur. However, Steve Weintraub of Collider and Peter Sciretta of SlashFilm were not too impressed, saying things like "the 48fps is so jarring that I’m not sure casual moviegoers will enjoy it." This irked Peter Jackson somewhat, who responded saying that people will settle into it blah blah blah. I am not bothered for two reasons. The first reason is that if it really is crappy when the final cut is ready, they can just make 24fps prints and screen The Hobbit that way. The second reason is that the chances of South African theatres upgrading to 48fps projection technology in future are, hmmm, pretty marginal. Maybe I should see if I can find out.

Django Unchained is my number one most anticipated film of 2012, and it hasn't wrapped filming yet. We saw the first official images a few weeks ago, and the other day news broke that not only was Sacha Baron Cohen no longer in the film, but Kurt Russell dropped out too. Not to worry - SBC's role was only a cameo, and Russell's character has been absorbed by another (apparently). What got me really excited is this massive billboard promoting Django Unchained in Cannes (snapped by Brad Brevet of Rope of Silicon):

Elysium - all has been quiet on this front since I did the first post quite recently. Blomkamp and Co are probably very busy editing and CGI-ing and stuff right now.

Gravity was due out in October 2012, but has now been pushed out to some time in 2013. Damn. There were test screenings recently, and apparently they need more time to get it perfect (it is apparently very effects heavy). It better be perfect!

Oldboy doesn't even have a dedicated post yet, so here it is in one sentence: it's a remake of the awesome Korean revenge film by Chan-Wook Park, a Spike Lee (25th Hour) joint, stars Josh Brolin (as the guy), Sharlto Copley (as the villain) and Elizabeth Olsen (as the girl), starts lensing in October and, according to Brolin, will contain the famous hammer fight and the eating of live octopi. Enough said. This one makes the Constellation out of a sense of morbid curiosity more than anything else.

The End. More Soon.

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