Thursday, 26 April 2012

Movie Related Art is Flourishing, and the Superheroes are Leading the Charge!

As a huge fan of movies and movie posters, I am an obvious lover of any movie related art. Have I been asleep all this time, or has there been some rapid growth in contemporary film inspired art? My general impression is that Mondo Tees from The Alamo Drafthouse is the tip of the sword in this regard, and that only started in 2004. So maybe I haven't been sleeping. It really is a huge an awesome nerdy world out there, ranging from cosplay to fan made art to books to a full blown gallery in LA (Gallery1988). I will definitely be dedicating more time to covering this sort of thing on In Camera. Anyway, since we're on the topic of art and recently off the topic of The Avengers, I want to note that the web has been inundated with terrific Avengers-related stuff in the past few weeks. Superheroes tend to dominate everything, even the contemporary movie art scene. So, after the jump, check out some of the best Avengers and other superhero related art the web has had to offer of late...

Avengers Sculptures

These were assembled for display at Target supermarkets in the US (via

Superhero Family Portraits

The Mavellini Brothers wondered what it would look like if superheroes took vintage family photos (via Forever Geek). These are incredible! Some are funny, but Cat Woman and Spider Man need help. 

Avengers Art Show

At Gallery1988 in LA, starting on 3 May 2012 (via Slash Film). Don't you wish you could be there?

"Caring for Others" - by Scott Cooper

Avengers Porno

Yes, it's happening. Here is a trailer as well (also via Slash Film).

Fan Made Posters

These are amazing. Check out Forever Geek for larger pictures and a greater variety.

Mondo Posters

Finally, the big daddy of "nerd art", Mondo, has released a few Avengers character posters. They are probably already sold out (via Cinema Blend). I left the best one for last.

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