Monday, 2 January 2012

[the films of] Steven Spielberg and a Look Back at the [the films of] Series

The [the films of] series, a year long project by youtube editor Kees Van Dijkhuizen, has concluded with a tribute to legendary director Steven Spielberg. I must say, it's one of my favourites in the series despite it being tricky to fit the director's 26 film resume into a mere three minutes. Think what you want about his films, but Spielberg porn has a special place in cinematic history. Hit the jump for the clip, and for a review of [the films of] series.

The craziest thing about this video? The crazy stupid youtube comments. Hundreds of them. Read for yourself.

All in all, I think [the films of] project was a great success, and a must see for any movie fan. Admittedly, some clips were better than others. I don't think it's a question of more attention being paid to certain directors, but probably that some directors' material is more susceptible to trailer-like editing. I'm going to try and pick my favourite instalments, but it's not easy being objective when there are some directors you love more than others. Before I do that, here is the list again for ease of reference (and head over to Kees Van Dijkhuizen's Tumblr Blog to see them all):

  • January: Sofia Coppola
  • February: Danny Boyle
  • March: David Fincher
  • April: Wes Anderson
  • May: Bas Luhrmann
  • June: Michel Gondry
  • July: Pixar Animation Studios
  • August: Guy Ritchie
  • September: Ridley Scott
  • October: Tim Burton
  • November: Christopher Nolan
  • December: Steven Spielberg
Even though they were all great in their own way, I must say my personal favourites would be...
  • One Liner: "For relaxing times, make it Suntory time" (from [the films of] Sofia Coppola).
  • Editing: Pixar Animation Studios.
  • Music: Danny Boyle (closely followed by Ridley Scott).
  • Director: David Fincher.
  • Overall: David Fincher, purely because he is such an awesome director, and every glimpse of one of his films gives me the shivers. However, credit must go to [the films of] Pixar Animation Studios, which is probably the best of the bunch from an objective point of view. Ridley Scott and Guy Ritchie were awesome too - explosions (can) make trailers!
I must say, I'm going to miss these in 2012! At least there is Cinema2012 to look forward to (hopefully). After watching Cinema2011 a few more times, I admit it has grown on me and I love it more each time I watch it. Well done!

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