Thursday, 15 December 2011

Movie Poster Updates - 'Prometheus', 'Safe House', 'The Dictator' and More

This is a great time for movie trailers (big ones have been released on an almost daily basis, and we still have Prometheus, The Hobbit and TDKR to come). Because trailers normally go hand in hand with posters, it's strange that we haven't seen as many of those. That doesn't mean there haven't been any at all though... hit the jump for some of the better ones.

Another great poster for a film I am so excited to see. It's coming in January so I won't have to wait long!
A safe poster for Safe House. Can't go wrong with black, white and red.
The Dictator: I like this. Very clever.
For some reason I love this poster for the South Korean film Nameless Gangster. These dudes have some swagger!
Ah, Prometheus, at last. I wouldn't say the poster is a triumphant visual spectacle, but it effectively sets a dark and foreboding tone. I like.
The Amazing Spiderman teaser poster must be the best of the lot. Extremely well executed, and I'm happy they aren't scared to go with something darker.

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