Saturday, 24 December 2011

'The Hobbit' Production Video #5 - The Logistics of Location Shooting

Peter Jackson has given the fans of The Hobbit not one, but two Christmas presents. First we had the beautiful trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and now we have the 5th instalment of the awesome behind-the-scenes production videos. In this edition, the crew moves from the studio onto location (starting at Hobbiton), giving you an idea of the mammoth logistical task it is to move around the biggest production on the planet. It's actually unbelievable, and seeing something like this should give you an idea of where all that budget goes. Apart from the fact that they moved out of the studio on my birthday, I loved the little interview with the owner of the farm where Hobbiton is. "It was a Saturday afternoon during a major New Zealand rugby game, and he came and knocked on my father's door, and he said they wanted to make a movie, and my father actually said 'Lord of the what?'". Well, that dude's life was about to change, because he now owns and runs the Hobbiton tourist attraction. Hopefully the All Blacks lost that game. See the video below...

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