Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Cinema2011 by Kees van Dijkhuizen is Here!

I look forward to this like  I look forward to a whole movie! Since I saw Cinema2010 last year and was totally blown away by it, I have been counting the days to Cinema2011: one epic montage showcasing the best in Cinema for the year that has past. Well, today it arrived.

My thoughts? As always, fantastic. Loved the music, choice of movies, selection of specific shots and of course the editing. But (there is always a but), I don't think this tops Cinema2010. That montage had 2 segments that blew the mind: the action packed one set to the Scott Pilgrim music and the final one set to the Radiohead Creep cover by Scala-Kolacny Brothers from the Social Network Trailer. Either way, this one was awesome too, and maybe after a few views it will grow on me like the Dark Knight Rises trailer...

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