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The Best Movie Posters of 2011

My week of looking back at 2011 has not gone quite as planned, so I have decided to post the best films of 2011 tomorrow, but postpone the stats and facts (which were meant for today) until a little later. For now though, I look back at my other main love through 2011: movie posters. Hit the jump for a brief overview of the best movie posters of 2011. It's not really easy to say exactly how I judge these. Even though I certainly don't view them from an advertising perspective (which is arguably the most important quality in a poster), I do pay some attention to the impact the poster had on me. So in that sense, I am looking at the advertising value of the poster. For the most part though, I just look at how good it is. It comes from the gut. Would I hang it in my house? If not, is it brilliant for another reason?

We've seen some pretty great posters this year. If there is one trend that stood out, it's the use of soft, muted colour and fading images. Posters for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Martha Marcy May MarleneJane Eyre and A Dangerous Method are testament to that. From my point of view, it's a trend I would like to see more of, especially in main stream film. Lets hope it continues!

I'm going to keep this simple. The top 20 posters of the year, and some honourable mentions. I could be shuffling and reshuffling these things for ever, and I will probably have a different order every time I go online. Bugger that, here we go...

20. Dream House
Beautifully executed and brave (none of the big names in the cast is featured). Pity we can't say the same for the film. 

19. I Saw The Devil
Subtle and scary, another fabulous poster for a South Korean film.

18. Hesher
Something completely different. Very nice.

17. Carnage
I love this colourful Andy Warhol-eque mosaic of facial expressions. The strange thing is, the other Carnage poster is probably the worst of the year.
16. Outrage
The pink writing contrasts excellently with the explosive violence of the rest of the poster.

15. We Need To Talk About Kevin
This film has a range of great posters, but this one takes the cake. That being said, Tilda Swinton's face could make any poster interesting.

14. A Dangerous Method
The good ol' fashioned floating heads poster executed with absolute perfection. Beautiful.

13. The Human Centipede II
The creepiest poster I have ever seen.

12. Burning Man
I don't know about the movie, but the poster is growing on me all the time. Look at all the stuff strewn around. What happened here?

11. The Woman In Black
Scary as hell and, like the trailers for this film, artfully done.

10. Alps
The weirdest of the lot, this is a wonderful totem pole of a poster. I want that on a t-shirt!

9. Martha Marcy May Marlene
Another film with a range of amazing posters. This faded one is the best.

7 & 8. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
From the very beginning, David Fincher's latest offering has taken every opportunity to showcase stylish and classy design. The posters are no exception, all of which have been brilliant. I could not decide between these two, so call it a tie.

5 & 6. Melancholia
Yes, again, a 2011 release with a host of fabulous posters. This film has awesome character posters too, but it's these two that come out tops.

4. The Ides of March
Probably the most intelligent of 2011, this Time Magazine style poster for The Ides of March had me from the day it was released. Excellent, and so perfect for the film as well.

3. Tyrannosaur
It was easy picking the top 3 posters of 2011, but choosing the order of the top 3 was near impossible. This poster is incredible, and tells me nothing about the film in question. All I know is that I would take down expensive art to hang this poster on my wall.

2. Jane Eyre
In second place, we have the poster for Cary Fukunaga's Jayne Eyre. It is the perfect mix of colour, typography and imagery, and suits the film itself perfectly. It also helps that two of my favourite actors grace it.

1. Shame
The best poster of 2011 doesn't even have a single person on it. This image of an untidy bed says everything you need to know about the movie it advertises. Add to that the beauty of the image itself and the perfect size and position of the title, and you have yourself the picture of perfection. It makes me want to see this film even more.

Honourable Mentions

These posters may not have made the Top 20, but they are all awesome in their own right. Like I said, 2011 was a great year for posters...

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