Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 - My Year In Movies

I have kept a film journal since 21 June 2009. In it I record every single movie I watch, whether it's a first viewing or not, where and when I watched it and a score out of 10. The best thing about the journal is that it allows me to do a little statistical analysis of my movie watching habits (Like, for example, I have seen 623 movies since starting the journal). 2011 is the first year with which  I have a full year (2010) against which to compare my stats. I will keep it very brief, since my movie watching trends are hardly newsworthy (to think they are would be a little narcissistic). So, without further ado, hit the jump to see...

In general, it's interesting to see my first watch to re-watch ratio is quite consistent, and good to see that total movies watched has increased quite dramatically and also that my theatre attendance has increased (I expect that 2012 will see an even greater increase). However, the number of foreign language movies watched has dropped dramatically. I will need to make a plan. Click on the image below for a larger size.

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