Friday, 25 November 2011

Trailer Updates

As I've said so many times, there's nothing on earth like a good movie trailer! So, to keep the soul satisfied on this Friday, hit the jump to see some of the better trailers that have been released in the last while. Ranging from Scottish accents to sex addiction to Margaret Thatcher, today's trailers should not disappoint.


I read somewhere that Woody Harrelson makes The Bad Lieutenant look like the Kindergarten Cop in this film. Watch the trailer and believe it's true. Looks awesome! Woody Harrelson is one of my absolute favourite actors, and he seems to be giving it everything here.

Shame (New York New York Trailer)

Another beautiful trailer for one of my most anticipated upcoming movies. Wow.


Pixar's latest. I'm not a fan of animated movies, but only a fool would deny Pixar's achievements over the last years. Here they seem to have tried something different yet again, and it looks like another hit.

The Iron Lady

Is Meryl Streep the front runner for Best Actress at the Oscars next year? Watch this trailer and decide for yourself.

The Darkest Hour

Another trailer for this semi-Russian sci-fi movie that I'm finding difficult to place. Will it be any good? It's so difficult to say. Strange trailer - the consistent use of the same music is unusual to say the least! Oh, and below the trailer I saved a screenshot from the last part... you get a glimpse of an alien face in the blast while Emile Hirsch is diving.

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