Monday, 21 November 2011

Movie Poster Updates

It's been quite a while since I did one of these posts (I have been removed from civilisation for 2 weeks), and I thought there would be a great many posters to catch up on. I was wrong. Hit the jump to see (among others)... more good posters for Shame and Young Adult, more boring ones of The Avengers and the vindication of We Bought A Zoo.

The Good
Once again, Young Adult has a great poster. This time it's in Japanese. Oh how I love them Asian posters! And shame, with its 3rd poster, has delivered as well. Stunning.

The Boring
The only cool thing about these banners for The Avengers is seeing all those buggers together...

The Odd
These are both odd, if for very different reasons. On the left, we have a poster for Into The Abyss, a death row documentary. You would not guess that from the poster. I still think it's a beautiful poster though. On the right, we have the mouth-eye (or eye-mouth) from The Theatre Bizarre. Bizarre indeed. Great idea - the execution could have been a little better though.

The Vindicated
Compared to the last poster for We Bought A Zoo, these are award winners. You see, I knew more could be done with that subject matter.

The Terrible
This crap is in competition with the Albert Nobbs poster for worst of 2011. What irritates me most is that the previous poster is awesome It hangs in my office :)

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