Friday, 4 November 2011

Movie Poster Updates

Ah, the usual. This time we have the rest of the special Young Adult limited edition pop up screening posters, some fantastic new 'normal' posters and at least one potential for worst of the year (all posters via impawards). Hit the jump.

Young Adult

 I don't know what I love more, the posters themselves or the idea to have random pop up screenings around the US, each of which has a limited edition custom poster designed by a selected artist specifically for that screening? A better idea would be to have those screenings in SA too :) Oh, the bottom centre one... posted it before. It's here for symmetry.

The 'Normal' Posters...
Here we have a bit of everything.

As usual, the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo posters are nothing short of incredible. On the left is the new theatrical poster, and on the right is the Australian poster.

These two posters actually go together quite beautifully. I couldn't think of more opposite images, yet there are similarities deeper than just the black and white... Regardless, both are great posters on their own as well.

Why am I not surprised that these two films have also delivered fantastic posters yet again? Both of them: superb! And two movies I am VERY excited to see.

Okay, the gushing is over. On the left, we have the soft shit sunshiny airbrushed look of We Bought A Zoo. Surely they could have done so much more with that? Is that Scarlett Johansson? Doesn't look like her. On the right we have what looks to be the worst of the year. Glen Close is supposed to look like a man in this film, not like Robin Williams in Bicentennial Man. Her head also clearly does not belong on that body. Mia Wasikowska - how the f@ck did they manage to make one of the prettiest girls in Hollywood look like shit? And Aaron Johnson? He looks like a painting. That is not a compliment, Blue Steel! Horrible, but still not as bad as last year's poster for The King's Speech.

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