Thursday, 17 November 2011

Mini Review: 'Everything Must Go'

Based on his resume, one would think that Will Ferrell is not all that well suited to the dramedy genre. However, if you've seen Stranger Than Fiction, then you would have caught a glimpse of his potential as a tragicomedic character. In fact, he suits that sort of role perfectly: he is as plain looking as can be. So, right from the start, I would say that Will Ferrell is the perfect choice to play the boozy lead character in Everything Must Go.

In brief, the film is about Nick Halsey, a relapsing-alcoholic-middle-aged-white-man who loses his job and gets chucked out of his house by his wife on the same day. That was lesson number one: alcoholism is terrible (ironic since I drank an entire bottle of wine on my own while watching the film), and in this film the lead character could only be classified as "mildly to moderately" alcoholic. Back to the story: essentially, Nick Helsey decides to stay on his lawn with all his recently chucked-out stuff, exposed to the world, and in this process learns a number of profound truths (that are not learned as easily by those who hide in their houses). He is helped along his path to enlightenment by two people: Samantha, his new pregnant neighbour-photographer played by Rebecca Hall (she is just great) and the loner overweight neglected kid Kenny played by Christopher Jordan Wallace.

As a movie it is not bad at all, but the viewer will not experience anything remotely as profound as the lead character. It is completely watchable, it is not corny, the acting is actually quite good and it is not overly long. Maybe, if you feel like you are in his situation, you will get more out of it than me. Worth a watch, but you could probably wait to see this one on DVD.

Everything Must Go opens in selected Cinema Nouveau theatres this Friday (18 November 2011).

6.5 out of 10

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