Sunday, 13 November 2011

Is 'Platteland' the New Afrikaans Cult Classic?

While watching the previews ahead of Anonymous the other day, on came the trailer for Platteland. It started looking like another boring Afrikaans drama, and then all of a sudden one of them broke into song. Then it became all serious about an evil farmer who wants to take over a young girl's farm - pointing it out on a Nazi-Germany style map, and then another one broke into song. And then I noticed that the evil farmer was Steve Hofmeyr! By the end I was laughing and thinking to myself: this actually looks kinda crazy, and kinda epic. I might be totally wrong here, but people could like this for the wrong reasons. I just don't think those people will ever see this film. Check out the trailer, and one or two more thoughts, after the jump.

I do not like most Afrikaans films, I am anything but a fan of Afrikaans music and I despise musicals in general. For some reason though, 'Platteland' has almost convinced me. It's pretty much like Bollywood - over the top and ridiculous, but somehow alluring. I will definitely have to watch and see...

Platteland opens in South Africa on 25 November, and probably never elsewhere in the world. Actually, wait a minute. I think I am totally wrong here. Maybe I was so excited by being at the movies at 09h00 on a Friday morning, that even this crap looked good. But maybe, just maybe, I can like this one for all the wrong reasons!

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