Thursday, 6 October 2011

'My Week With Marilyn' Trailer

 The Trailer for My Week With Marilyn just debuted via The Weinstein Company, and it looks fantastic. Is this going to be the Best Picture dark horse that nobody saw coming? Okay, people have been talking up Michelle Williams's performance for months now (especially after her Oscar nominated performance in uber depressing Blue Valentine), but nobody has really had much to say about other categories. Personally, I really like what I see, especially Emma-Watson-not-as-Hermione and the director of Thor (Kenneth Branagh) getting back in his comfort zone. Oh well, the film premieres at the New York Film Festival in 3 Days, so we will know soon enough. Put it this way, if it makes a huge impact, it probably hurts the best picture chances of The Artist, which is also being distributed by the Weinstein Company.

My Week With Marilyn is directed by Simon Curtis who, from what I can tell, is making his theatrical debut with this one (he's done plenty TV though). The cast includes Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, Eddie Redmayne, Dominic Cooper, Julia Ormond (haven't seen her in a while) and Toby Jones.

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