Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Movie Poster Updates

 Back once again with the renegade master... after the jump, see some of the fantastic posters that have been released over last last while. The interesting thing about today's update is that we have only two well known films, and the one is an unofficial poster. It's amazing to see how good the international poster art is getting. I know why, but I won't say a word. Oh, click on the images to see a larger version...

Once Upon A Time In Anatolia

It actually did pretty well, winning the Grand Prix (ie second prize) at Cannes this year.  I will definitely keep in on my radar. The posters are pretty amazing, apart from the bottom left one. I just put it there for symmetry. Bottom right is my favourite.

Starry Starry Night

All I know is that this is a Taiwanese film and that the posters are beautiful. The one on the right is a fitting tribute to Van Gogh's painting of the same name (and very similar to the Midnight in Paris poster), but my favourite is the one on the left.


How unbelievable are these?  They are sterling examples of minimalist poster art. I want them hanging in my house!

The Silence (Das Letzte Schweigen)

 In similar words to the critic on the poster: "a moody & magnificent crime poster". Maybe it's just that those fields remind me so much of Memories of Murder, one of the best films I've ever seen.

Two More...

I quite like the poster for The Texas Killing Fields. I don't really know why - it's kind of generic yet strangely unique all at the same time. On the right is an unofficial poster for Young Adult, designed by Lil' Tuffy for a Toronto screening of Young Adult (part of a series of special unannounced screenings they'll be having of the film around North America). I love it, and the fact that the poster seems to support directly what I said about Young Adult yesterday in my Oscar post.

All of the posters above are via Impawards except for the Young Adult poster which is via Slashfilm... Dankie.

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