Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Video: Chaos Cinema: The Decline and Fall of Action Filmmaking

This video essay by LA based scholar and filmmaker Matthias Stork has been on the web for about a month.  The guy is quite critical of how action films have, in the last decade, developed the fast cutting, shaky, jumpy, crazy editing style that we have come to know today.  Check the two part essay after the jump (via Indiewire's Press Play page). 

I'm not sure I agree with the guy. He is pretty harsh (and frightfully scholarly sounding), but does have a point. I will sit on the fence for this one by imparting the following pearl of wisdom: too much "chaos cinema" detracts from the film going experience (ie you can't see what the f is going on) and too little is boring. I don't care if it showcases the actors' abilities. Happy middle ground? The steadicam (see the shot from Tom Yum Goong in this post)! 

I have no views, except that the "essay" is interesting. Watch it. And that scholarliness doesn't count for shit when it comes to movies. It's about that feeling, like being punched in the gut (and loving it). And if Michael Bay's judo chop cutting style gives it to you, then good! Chaos Reigns!

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