Thursday, 29 September 2011

Movie Poster Updates

And here we are again with the latest in movie poster spectabulousness...

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Great trailer (see previous post) and I really like this poster too.
Another Rum Diary poster. Johnny Depp has woken up after being at the rum. I prefer this one to the last - less confusing.
Christian Bale found some time (?) to film this one between The Fighter and TDKR. Poster is meh though.
LOVE this poster by Shepard Fairey. Both Fairey and the film deserve proper coverage, so stay tuned.
You saw the trailer yesterday. Now, witness this poster. It is admittedly siff, but oh damn is it not brilliant!
Semi-interesting poster. Don't know shit about the film though.
This is another big Oscar contender. So expect more coverage soon. But yes, as we have come to expect, the poster is boring and crap. It's not the 80s anymore!
Melancholia Character Posters

Wow, as expected, these character posters for Lars Von Trier's Melancholia are beautiful. Look, even Lars got a poster! And it seems he is using his Persona Non Grata status at Cannes as a marketing device. For those who don't know, he said something stupid again - about the fact that he understands Hitler - and got booted out. He apologised, and now seems not to give a stuff. Gotta love him!

Wow, John Hurt looks boozed in his poster.

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