Friday, 30 September 2011

The Constellation of Cinematic Anticipation

I love movies. No shit, that's why I have this blog. I must add though: one aspect I love in particular is anticipating the release of a new movie (a likely explanation for my obsession with posters and trailers). This probably started with the Lord of the Rings, where I followed the production step by step on the awesome fansite Of course your view might be that ignorance is bliss, and that going in blind is the best way to truly enjoy a movie. I agree to an extent yes, that spoilers should be avoided. But in this day and age, some "spoiling" is simply unavoidable. A study has even suggested that spoilers can improve your filmgoing experience. Read here. My point is this - no matter how much I have read about a film, and no matter how crazy my anticipation levels get, a good film always exceeds them. Recent examples for me include Black Swan, Let the Right One In and Inglourious Basterds. I knew so much about those films beforehand, and each one of them blew me to pieces.

Anyway, I am ranting about spoilers, anticipation and other crap for good reason. The next year or 2 is going to be a great one for movies. If you think 2011 has some goodies, just wait until you see 2012. My anticipation levels are cooking already! What I have decided to do is to pick a few films (about 11 I think) that I am most excited for, and to follow their production relatively closely on this blog. I will avoid spoilers as much as possible, but of course being exposed to the content will let you know to a large extent what you are in for. Trust me, this makes the eventual experience better, not worse. With that in mind, please see my little "map" of selected films below...

Each film is currently at some stage of production. Hunger Games is filming, Gravity has wrapped, Django Unchained is in pre-production etc. I will create a permanent link in the left column on this blog for each, so that the relevant posts can be followed easily.

One or two important things though. I chose these films for various reasons, and they are by no means the "biggest" of 2012-2013. Okay, TDKR and The Hobbit are. The Hunger Games and Cloud Atlas I chose for the books, and may be quite shit actually. Elysium I chose because it's directed by a South African, Neill Blomkamp (District 9). Either way, they all interest me for some particular reason. But there are many movies coming in the next 2 years that I have not added but that probably deserve coverage, and I will still write stuff about them. They include:
  • The Avengers (massive superhero movie directed by Joss Whedon)
  • The Amazing Spiderman (the spidey reboot directed by Marc Webb)
  • Bond 23 (the new James Bond directed by Sam Mended. If it ends up filming in SA, I will give it a lot more coverage)
  • Man of Steel  (the superman reboot directed by Zack Snyder)
  • World War Z (zombie movie with Brad Pitt directed by Marc Foster)
  • Dark Shadows (Tim Burton's new one)
  • John Carter (a big sci-fi movie directed by Andrew Stanton)
  • Total Recall (the remake directed by Len Wiseman)
  • Argo (then new one directed by Ben Affleck - likely to be awesome)
  • Lincoln (the biopic directed by Steven Spielberg with Daniel Day Lewis as Abe Lincoln)
I mean, those are some HUGE movies. But they don't interest me as much as the list I have chosen, so they don't get their own star. Fuckit, google them if you want more than I am willing to offer. Then of course there are the smaller ones that I am super keen for, like Seven Psychopaths, Stoker and The Last Stand. But there just isn't enough on them yet. All in good time.

That's that. I will do the first post for each film (in order of release date) one by one, starting soon with the Hunger Games.


  1. Indeed this a good list and 2012 will be great! :)

    You can also add The Gangsta Squad with a cast of Ryan Gosling (who can do no wrong at the moment) Emma Stone, Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Giovanni Ribisi. It should be good....should...hehe.

  2. Oi... The Gangster Squad is on the list: 20 October 2012. Wouldn't miss it for the world!

  3. Wow, how did i miss that! Sorry!


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