Friday, 26 August 2011

The First Of Many...

Okay, so the much anticipated blog can finally begin. I have been ranting on about this for ever! A dumping ground for all the movie related crap I absorb every day and night. Instead of bombarding my friends and family with it, I will post it here. But I will post selectively, so that you might actually enjoy reading about it.

Anyway, it's not very easy writing a post about nothing. But I couldn't exactly begin with some random post like a bolt out of the blue. Every good story needs an introduction. So here is a brief overview of what you might see on this blog in future. Its hard to be comprehensive, but the intention is for the blog (I hate that word) to develop. However, it is safe to say that the following things will be seen here, and will be seen often:

  • Movie News: this won't be a news blog, but I will condense the stories I liked most, and post them here. I will also focus on news with a South African spin to it. People need to know these things!
  • Movie Trailers: as a child, I used to go to the video shop and rent entire videos full of trailers (they were released by Blockbuster, and were free). Trailers are the best! The voiceover, the music, the tension, all in like 2 minutes. Crazy shit! You wanna make me angry, make me late for a movie so that I miss the trailers. Murders.
  • Movie Posters: movie posters are underappreciated works of art. Full stop. I will try to showcase all the best movie posters, old and new, some weird and wonderful ones, and some brilliant fan made posters too.
  • Reviews: oi. I will do my best, and get a little help from my friends (who don't know it yet). Most reviews give a way too much of the plot and tell you too little about the movie. Hopefully we can change that. Practice makes perfect!
  • Short Films and Clips: there is so much crap out there. But man, there is some great stuff! Hopefully I can share some of it.
  • Features: interesting opinions and debates on the things we love. Written by many for the enjoyment of all!
I'm done trying to describe what will be found here in future. It all sounds stupid. So just stop by once in a while and see for yourself. To my friends and family, its your duty to stop by. I need at least some traffic.  The point of all this? I get so much out of watching movies, and I hope that reading this blog helps you get a bit more too. Aaaah.


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